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PSO's Laundry Service contracts with outside vendors for dry cleaning, laundering, and mending/alterations for University departments.

Laundry Service provides both laundry and dry cleaning for a variety of items such as:

  • uniforms
  • socks
  • towels
  • sheets
  • lab coats

Call Laundry Service for prices on specific items or for a current price list.

Accounts are serviced with pick-ups according to individual department needs, i.e., daily, twice a week, once a week, etc. New, revised, or special pick-ups should be coordinated through Laundry Service at 453-7733.

Contact Us

Pick-up and delivery information

  • Phone Number: (618) 453-7733

Billing information - Thomas Phelps

  • Phone Number: (618) 453-7732