Materials Management

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Physical Plant Materials Management (PPMM) was established as a central purchasing/inventory area under Plant & Service Operations when General Stores was eliminated in 1999. The PPMM team consists of three employees who order, maintain, and distribute materials and small tools.

The PPMM area stocks small tools, electrical, hardware, lumber, lamps, refrigeration, plumbing, and painting materials for maintenance and construction projects. PPMM also provides paper products and supplies that are used for janitorial work including "Green" products.

The PPMM team supplies the University with everything from rolls of toilet paper to $90,000 air handling units. Due to the research efforts of the PPMM team and the ability to purchase in bulk they can provide the best price and quality on products. This results in lower material prices for all departments on campus.

The main consumers of PPMM are Construction Management and Physical Plant Maintenance, but PPMM can provide stock materials that are used within one year to any department at SIU. The PPMM team can be contacted by calling 453-7706 or submitting a Request for Physical Plant Services.

Our Staff
Employee Phone Email Position
Dawn Sisk 453-7706 Stores Supervisor
Sara Beasley 453-7790 Distribution Clerk
(vacant) 453-7795 (calls forwarded to Dawn) Distribution Clerk