Safety Committee Member Information

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Member Appointments

The following PSO administrators will appoint Committee representatives:

Associate Director of Facilities -- Three Representatives; One seat to represent the areas of: Grounds, Recycling, and TON Grounds; two seats to represent the non-construction carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, pipe fitters, refrigeration mechanics, ironworkers, sheet metal workers, power plant, FOC, Key Control and building automation technicians.

Deputy Director of Construction and Labor Relations -- One seat to represent the construction craft crews and Construction Management Services.

Deputy Director of Finance -- One seat to represent Materials Management, Campus Mail Service, Travel Service and Printing/Duplicating Service.

Superintendent of Building Services -- One seat to represent Building Services.

Director -- Three RepresentativesOne seat to represent office staff to include: architects, draftsmen, engineers, interior designers, space inventory, computer operations, personnel, data entry, web design, accounting, and all other managerial, clerical, and student staff; one seat for outside representation; and one seat for committee chair.

Member Responsibilities

The Safety Coordinator will gather all information from the previous months regarding incidents and accidents and have them available at the meetings.  Meeting minutes, containing the committee's findings and/or actions, will be distributed to each committee member and will be posted in public areas within PSO.  Members who wish to leave the committee should submit a written resignation letter to the Chair so a replacement can be named as soon as possible.

PSO Safety Committee Members have the expectation to:

  • Lead by example
  • Attend all meetings
  • Discuss workplace safety within the areas they represent
  • Inform committee members of unsafe conditions and/or intervene if they see an employee committing an unsafe act
  • Encourage employees to discuss safety concerns, either verbally to a committee member or confidentially using the suggestion boxes
Committee Members
Dawn Wilson, chair 453-8170 Administrative Office
Tatiana Sherrill 453-7180 Center for Environmental Health & Safety
Teri Ricci 453-6794 PPES, Admin, Accounting, Computer Operations
Bob Smith 453-5163 Building Services
Gary Kohlenberger 453-6730 Building Maintenance, Power Plant, FOC, BAT & Key Control
Tom Clark 453-6730 Building Maintenance, Power Plant, FOC, BAT & Key Control
Stephen Hall 453-5348 Printing/Duplicating, Mail Service, Travel Service, Materials Management
Mike Schoeppel 453-6705 Construction Management and crews
Mike Heise 453-6730 Housing Maintenance, Grounds, Recycling, TON