Operational Policies

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  1. Campus Mail Service operates and adheres to all federal postal regulations established by the United States Postal Service (USPS) as outlined in the Domestic Mail Manual. A copy of the Domestic Mail Manual is on file at Campus Mail Service.
  2. Requests for bulk-permit mailings or for postage supplies must be submitted on a Postage Service Request form signed by the fiscal officer of the account to be charged. 3. Requests for non-USPS mail (campus mail) services such as:
    • new mail stops
    • bulletin distributions
    • approval to process mail without an address

    must be submitted on a Campus Mail Service Request form. A separate form should be used for each request.

  3. All requests for new mail stops must have the approval of the director of Plant and Service Operations or designated representative. Departments should obtain vice chancellor approval before submitting the request.
  4. The supervisor of Campus Mail Service functions as liaison in all dealings between the University and the United States Postal Service.
  5. Any mail coming to the attention of Campus Mail Service that is construed as being potentially discrediting to any member of the University community will not be accepted without additional administrative approval.
  6. All mail is delivered as addressed unless deviations have been requested in writing and agreed to by the supervisor of Campus Mail Service. Mail received with an address insufficient to effect delivery will be handled in accordance with the postal laws and regulations as outlined in the Domestic Mail Manual.