Bulletins and Circular Regulations

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All unaddressed, unstamped notices, circulars, or bulletins distributed through Campus Mail Service should be a minimum of 5-1/2 by 8-1/2" in size and materials must be clearly legible. Whenever possible each piece should indicate in the text the names(s) and department of the individual(s) that originated the item. All requests for the distribution of unaddressed material must be made on a Campus Mail Service Request form, signed by the customer and the appropriate administrative officer of the area requesting the dissemination of the material.

Permission may be given to process 100 or more uniform pieces of campus mail without a return address if:

  • all pieces are brought to Campus Mail Service
  • the material can be addressed more economically by some mechanical method which would preclude the designation of a return piece
  • the pieces are collated according to mailcode
  • a separate Campus Mail Service Request form is submitted for each mailing in advance of the mailing date

When mailings consist of 100+ pieces, the following guidelines must be followed to prevent processing delay:

  • all mailings are restricted to University business
  • addresses must include department and mailcode
  • mailing must be arranged in numerical order by mailcode
  • multiple pieces destined for the same mailcode should be rubber-banded