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Delivery Procedures for USPS and Campus Mail

Each morning both USPS and campus mail are delivered and picked-up from all approved University offices (mail stops) located on--or contiguous to--the main campus by Campus Mail Service.

Campus mail carriers are not authorized to change the location of an office's mail stop or to add a new mail stop to their route. Requests for changes or additions to mail delivery routes must be submitted to Campus Mail Service on a Campus Mail Service Request form.

It is the responsibility of administrative and academic departments to distribute mail to the divisions within their mail stops.

What is campus mail?

Campus mail is defined as mail that normally originates and terminates within the campus environment. Items included are inter-departmental correspondence (non-USPS mail) and notices, bulletins, and circulars that are only distributed within the University.

What is permissible in campus mail?

The following classifications of non-USPS mail originating on the campus--or directed to University personnel--may be processed as campus mail if properly addressed and presented with all necessary approvals:

  • inter-office communications
  • University department circulars and bulletins

The following classifications are examples of mail which will not be accepted either at Campus Mail Service or by its carriers:

  • any material, if stamped, which would be prohibited by federal postal regulations
  • personal unstamped mail involving non-university organizations
  • personal greetings
  • literature, circulars, or notices originated by non-University organizations
  • personal books
  • petitions, money solicitations, and membership recruitment not originated by the University administration
  • election or campaign literature of a partisan nature
  • correspondence violating policies of the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University
  • items of material value such as money, money orders, checks, etc.
  • unstamped commercial solications
  • unstamped advertisements for the sale of personal or real property

Addressing campus mail

Use manila-colored campus mail envelopes for mail bearing a campus address. Campus Mail envelopes are available from Printing/Duplicating Services in three sizes.

Campus mail may be addressed with the addressees' name and departmental 4-digit mailcode. The mailcode is to be entered in the "TO" section of the campus mail envelope. Addresses may be typed or legibly handwritten. Mail that does not conform to this policy may be delayed one day in its delivery. NOTE: Upon the written request from a fiscal officer to the supervisor of Campus Mail Service, permission may be given to process 100 or more uniform pieces of campus mail without a return address (see Bulletins & Circular Regulations).

Forwarding Mail

University departments are responsible for forwarding mail addressed to former department employees. First class mail can be forwarded without additional postage.

To prepare the mailpiece for forwarding, draw a line through the incorrect address, readdress the mailpiece to the addressee's new address, and return it to Campus Mail Service. Do not remove or cover the old address.

Mail opened by mistake

If mail is opened by mistake, the mailpiece should be marked "OPENED BY MISTAKE AT (department's name)" and returned to Campus Mail Service for redistribution. Mail received at the University with incorrect address or incomplete address will be returned to USPS on a daily basis.