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Major Construction/Capital Projects

Physical Plant Construction Management oversees and coordinates all new construction, renovations and major maintenance projects for the campus (major projects total $100,000 or more in direct costs). Construction Management serves as the primary interface with customers, architects and engineers, and construction workforces from the start of a construction project to its completion. During the construction period, Physical Plant Construction Management will monitor progress, assure quality standards, arrange for access and assistance in the planning of work schedules to reduce inconvenience of the various campus departments. A Request for Physical Plant Services form is required for major construction work, or it must be an item on the Resource Allocation Management Program (RAMP).

Minor Construction/In-House Projects

Minor construction projects are generally defined as projects costing under $100,000. Depending upon job complexity, available labor and funding source, Physical Plant Construction Management determines if minor projects are completed by in-house construction crews or by time and material contractors.

Physical Plant Construction Management provides scheduling, maintains project files, communicates with customers, and works with the departments to meet the scope of the work.

Minor in-house construction service consists of carpenters, brick masons, electricans, plumbers, painters, sheet metal workers, pipefitters, lampers, refrigeration mechanics, and labor and construction project managers. These crewmen offer a wide range of construction knowledge and expertise. This type of work is requested on a Request for Physical Plant Services form.