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SIU's Plant & Service Operations (PSO) department assumed responsibility for the recycling program on January 1, 1996.  PSO has expanded the program to every academic building on campus (86 buildings) and to the facilities leased by the University at the Southern Illinois Airport.  PSO's custodial staff collect recyclables on an established schedule, usually one night per week, and consolidate them at a collection point for the recycling truck to pick up the following day.  This system has been extremely effective, as the custodial staff are in the buildings daily, and prevent recycling bins from overflowing and becoming a problem for the building occupants.  The custodial staff have also been very helpful in identifying areas where occupants need assistance with recycling information, such as what can be recycled or how to properly sort recyclables.  The custodial staff can readily identify such areas by what the occupants throw into their trash cans and how well the contents of the recycling bins are sorted.

PSO has also expanded the types of commodities accepted for recycling. All grades of paper including white paper, color paper, newspaper, greenbar computer paper, books, magazines, cardboard, junk mail, catalogs, phone books, and shredded paper are accepted.  In addition to these materials; aluminum, tin, and scrap metal are collected as well as grass and leaves for composting, wooden pallets, motor oil, and #2 plastic.